Shield HD

Roof Cleaning

Shield HD Softwashing will PRESERVE, PROTECT and MAINTAIN
your roof.

Regardless of the roofing type, over time it will be subject to environmental conditions and can become home to algae and bacteria, leading to discolouration and the possible deterioration of the roofing material.

With our extensive knowledge of materials, we can advise you on the correct cleaning and restoration methods to ensure you get the maximum out of your roof.

A correctly maintained roof not only ensures you get the maximum life out of the roof but can also help reduce running costs by ensuring it performs as originally intended. If your roof is still under warranty we will ensure that any methods employed meet the required criteria.

Do you suffer from leaks?

We can perform electronic testing to pinpoint problem areas and identify issues that may need addressing.

Benefits of Shield HD Softwashing:
● Lasts 4-6 times longer than pressure washing
● Low pressure meaning no damage to property
● Uses only one third of the water of pressure washing
● Kills algae and bacteria
● Removes staining
● Cleans and sanitises property
● 100% water based biodegradable chemicals

Reasons to use Shield HD Softwashing for your roof:

● There are many types of bacteria that are growing on your roof, this
includes different species of cyanobacteria including gloeocapsa
magma that may resemble algae.
● You must treat these types of bacteria and algae with the appropriate
combination of chemicals to ensure a 100% kill rate.
● Our softwash systems will totally clean your roof and eradicate these
stains causing microbes.
● Softwasing will last 4 – 6 times longer than conventional power
● Aesthetics – A clean roof increases property value.
● Roof Life – A clean roof will last longer saving money.
● Energy savings – A clean roof reduces cooling cost.
● Health – A clean roof reduces contamination.