Shield HD

hard surface

PRESERVE, PROTECT and MAINTAIN your outdoor surfaces.

Outdoor surfaces are constantly exposed to the elements. With time, general dust and grime will settle and can create stains and discolouration. Our specialist equipment will clean, sanitise and restore your outdoor surfaces.

By investing heavily in state of the art machinery, we can deliver the correct treatment in an efficient and safe manner, delivering the very best results for our clients in High Definition. We believe that by using the best equipment available we are able to deliver excellent results time and time again.

Issues with Patios, drives and conservatories:
● Organic growth
● Pollutants
● Staining
● General dust and grime

Benefits of Shield HD outdoor surfaces cleaning:
● Lasts 4-6 times longer than pressure washing
● Low pressure meaning no damage to property
● Uses only one third of the water of pressure washing ● Kills algae and bacteria
● Removes staining
● Cleans and sanitises property
● 100% water based biodegradable chemicals