Shield HD


Why Choose Us?

Quite possibly. There may be a clause within your Property insurance that states if a leak within the building has been caused by a blocked gutter due to poor maintenance then any subsequent damage may not be covered. We advise that you have your gutters maintained at least every 12 months depending on its location.

Depending on what material and supplier has been used for the external cladding, there may be a clause within the guarantee or warranty that states it must be cleaned or inspected every 12 months or other time frame in order to maintain the conditions. We can help you identify this within your provided guarantee/warranty and carry out the necessary inspection or cleaning in line with the manufacturers guidelines.

Over time all types of render are susceptible to algae and bacteria growth resulting in black, red and grey staining on the surface. Our softwashing system is an alternative to more traditional pressure washing. Pressure washing can cause damage to rendered surfaces and can exacerbate the issue further. When you mow a lawn on a regular basis, the grass will grow back thick and faster – the same can result when using pressure washing on rendered surfaces.

Benefits of Shield HD Softwashing:

  • Lasts 4-6 times longer than pressure washing
  • Low pressure meaning no damage to property
  • Uses only one third of the water of pressure washing
  • Kills algae and bacteria
  • Removes staining
  • Cleans and sanitises property
  • 100% water based biodegradable chemicals

Shield HD appreciates that each property is different and can have different requirements. With this in mind, Shield HD can provide bespoke cleaning packages that meet your needs. We will work with you to provide tailored solutions that meet your business and property needs. This can be done to suit any time from but typically it takes the form of weekly, monthly, quarterly or annual cleaning regimes.

Absolutely. Depending on the building location, stone can become stained and dirty due to issues such as traffic and the surrounding environment. Shield HD are qualified and possess start of the art equipment to treat all stone and brick in a delicate and effective manner. Be it a period or new property, we employ the correct techniques to achieve the cleaning required. 

Roof, render and wall cleaning always carries an inherent risk to your landscaping and plant life. We can’t guarantee that some of your landscaping will not be affected by the cleaning process.

What we do guarantee is that we’ll take every precaution to protect your plant life. We also guarantee that if something negative does happen after your cleaning service we will be there for you to help you get it rectified. 

Providing we can get clear safe access to all points of the property and a water supply you can leave us to get on with it.